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Now offering Germicidal Fans!

New to the market, keep your passengers safe from pathogens in confined elevator cabs with germicidal fans. Fans include dual UV light and HEPA filtration. Fans proven to remove 99.9% of all airborne virus and bacteria particles. Contact us for pricing!

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-Door lock monitoring testing

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Founded in 1973 Morgan Elevator has been family owned and operated for over forty years and counting. At Morgan Elevator quality is our main focus. We take pride in putting our name on all of our work because of the care we put into ensuring it is at the pinnacle of the industries standards. With shops located conveniently in Long Island City and Woodside both having a large stock of parts, we can provide prompt service to any building in the five boroughs. Our contracts are of an eclectic range of different sized buildings and complexes, anything from houses, offices, apartments, or industrial space, you name it we service it. In addition, we proudly servicing the public schools of Queens as well as the union hall and housing for Local Union #3. With continuing education and weekly safety courses for all of our technicians, you can rest assured that you will have the best possible quality of service as well as guaranteed safety on any elevator serviced by Morgan Elevator. 




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Director of Modernization

Douglas Considine

Modernization Supervisors

Senior Operations Supervisor

Frank Arsis


Field Supervisor

Kwame Powell

Repair Operations Supervisor

Johnny Morgan

Maintenance Operations Supervisor

Courtney Paige

Business Operations Manager

Valerie Meyer

Code Compliance Officer 

Nicole Mercado

Accounts Payable

Jeannie Mehran

Executive Assistant 

Aggie Kolovos

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